About Us

Matthieu Bain is currently in the penultimate semester of a six year graduate degree program at the University at Buffalo’s School of Architecture and Planning. His involvement in architecture stems from the merger of interests in the natural sciences and the arts. Experience in the construction industry in addition to a concentration in the material culture of architecture has allowed Matthieu to pursue projects that span from the development of an idea-based design into a constructible reality.  Recent works have dealt with the issues surrounding the recombinance of unwanted materials, objects, and spaces into habitable environments.

Andrew Perkins currently pursues an M. Arch Degree from the University at Buffalo to be completed in 2012. Having committed to the Material Culture Graduate Research Group, his recent work and interests have become geared toward the philosophies that surround material consumption and ecology. Honing in on the particular but very evident economic and social problems that Buffalo suffers from, he seeks not to preserve what remains of its outdated infrastructure, but to consume and adapt it. Perkins has worked abroad in small design-oriented offices in Denmark and China, hoping to adopt and adapt design strategies of varying economic and political backgrounds.