Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"All good architecture leaks"

...which already makes ours something of a masterpiece. Having cleaned up and organized most of the debris (old clothes, mostly), and tending to various other needs during a rain storm, we get a better sense for its waterproofing and lack thereof.

On the west side of the attic and in the rooms below are molds, slugs, and waterlogged materials. Though a look at the roof doesn't seem too bad, the drips of water quickly build up to destructive volumes. It's hard to tell how long the leaks have been going on; The finish materials are entirely ruined, but the framing may still have its integrity. We don't have the materials to fix up the roof now, nor cooperative weather. But we can channel what is seeping through the roof from the attic out through the eave.

The rear end of the house that contains the bathroom and kitchen has obvious irreversible water damage. Though we can't hope to salvage much, we do our best to stop this decay too. By simply laying out our scavenged inflatable pool (a piece of which we used for our previous camp), we can keep out additional debris, mold, and toxins while we find time to more permanently address it.

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