Tuesday, January 24, 2012


With a constant flux of material coming in and out of the house, organization is just as much a priority as anything else. It's what separates us from hoarders and what fosters intelligent and creative applications. Lately, the bulk of this volume has been firewood. Though we go through it fast enough, keeping mountains of lumber in our driveway is still visual blight. Exposure to moisture makes it burn cooler and smokier. The wood should be cut, stacked, and covered to dry - but we have little time or resources to build such a shelter, simple as it may be. And we already have a shelter in which the wood can sit.

Cutting the scrap lumber we've acquired into 2' sections and stacking them within the house creates an easily accessible supply. Safe proximity to this warmth should even help dry out some of the more saturated pieces. A tremendous amount of space is saved and the wall is established so that it continues that densifying of space and warmth. As the seasons progress and spring/summer arrive, the wall will have exhausted itself, and the house will stretch its legs once more.

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