Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Matt and I have been accepted into Rice University's next publication of PLAT journal, Scapegoat Journal, and are discussing publication via Metropolis and The New York Times. We've also been invited to work on another house in Flint, Michigan, as part of the Flint Public Art Project:

We're also working on our own publication which will cover the past 8 months in more depth. To ground our own work we'd like to get a stronger understanding of the broader context. The proposal is a 2 month research trip, hitting up places such as Fresh Kills landfill, to the artistic rehabilitations of declining neighborhoods in Detroit, to self-sufficient vigilantes in California, to the culturally rich but dire city of New Orleans. While I do this Matt will be holding down the fort in Buffalo, where we'll join up again afterward to compile a more comprehensive statement about our work and potential implications for the future.

  • Cleveland, OH - Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative
  • Detroit, MI - Architectural Salvage Warehouse
  • Detroit, MI - Design 99 + Power House
  • Detroit, MI - Imagination Station
  • Detroit, MI - The Heidelberg Project (outdoor art project - abandonment turned artists' colony)

  • Chicago, IL - Lowercase Collective
  • Portland, OR - Communitecture

  • Portland, OR - The ReBuilding Center
  • Lagunitas, CA - David Hoffman
  • San Diego, CA - Estudio Teddy Cruz 
  • Colorado Desert, CA - Slab City (decommissioned and uncontrolled site-turned squatting and camping grounds)
  • Taos, New Mexico - Earthship Biotecture/Mike Reynolds (passive solar houses made of natural and recycled materials)

  • Huntsville, TX - Phoenix Commotion/Dan Phillips (Eco-friendly homes for low-income families)
  • Houston, TX - John Milkovisch
  • New Orleans, LA - Eric Kugler
  • New York, NY - Fresh Kills landfill (one of the largest landfills [and man-made structures] in the world, now under development as "Freshkills Park")

  • New York, NY - ABC No Rio (community center/activist collaborative)
  • New York, NY - The Hole (ghost town between Brooklyn and Queens)
  • Boston, MA - Ze-gen, Inc. (renewable energy company - gasification)

But this can't happen without help. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and its sweet rewards:

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