Friday, February 10, 2012

Demolition Woes

The snare of spiders the size of golf balls,
An outfit of vagrant cats with a penchant to make things crash in the night,
Floors and ceilings which scowl at our every movement, ever threatening collapse,
Piercing winds and frigid temperatures; We have triumphed.

The men in suits now send steel colossi to destroy what we have built.
They say you can't fight city hall -
Watch us.

We've just found that our property is on the newest bulldozer map. What's more - the city recognizes someone other than us as the property owner. Why this is and what it means is still unclear. Hopefully it can be chalked up to a simple filing error. We go to city hall today.


  1. So, please do tell! What are the results? Clerical error or malfeasance? I am cheering you on, noble act it is.

  2. After much poking around the various departments at city hall (as we were evaded by nearly every person we spoke to and deferred to what I'm beginning to believe isn't an actual person but a big machine with 100 different voicemails), the only options that were suggested also posed a risk of getting our work shut down. We've been reluctant to put ourselves on the city's radar at all, and having an inspector or any other official in there at this time would surely be a huge hindrance with the way we're working.

    That being said, we so far haven't been disturbed. Our nosing around did let us know that we are not on the demolition blitz list as many of the properties around us are. For the time, we're safe. So underground we remain.