Friday, February 10, 2012

Our (Very) Humble Abode

Humans really like stuff. Lots of stuff. Though we're undeniably living criticism of consumerism, we've come to realize our lives are inextricably tied to the organizations of our materials: where the dishes go, what to do with recyclables, where to keep our bicycles. We cannot detach ourselves from the human nature to organize.


The cooking and food preparation area is rearranged to accommodate the sink installation in progress and two large slabs of stone which serve as counter space. A television and storage chest turned on their ends serve as legs, the latter operating as a small pantry.


The living space has acquired furniture for eating, reading, typing, etc. Aside from the sleeping quarters, it's the warmest space in the house, though requires a substantial fire on the colder days. Insulation of these walls still remains a strong consideration.

Opened basement

The floor which has been tormenting us from the beginning has finally been stripped, revealing a 22' tall space. We see this as great opportunity to expand the house again for the warmer months, but is largely necessitated by severe structural issues.


Before taking the joists down we set up a reinforcing structure - the two columns and beam above - out of scavenged 8"x8"s to receive the load from the bathroom and roof above. Whether or not we'll keep this space as a bathroom down the road we're not sure, but the shoring up of the structure will at least let us begin to consider the potentials.


The upstairs where we spend our nights is by far the most comfortable in terms of heat. Awkward dimensions and angles don't make it the easiest room to navigate, which further reinforces its existence as a static place. We now seek a way to clad the ceiling (and hopefully provide some level of fire resistance), without having to go to Home Depot to buy drywall.

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